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December 12, 2012
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Life without death is a curse,  
Death without a life is a crime.
Either one quick song or a never ending verse.  

Luna, the princess of the night,
Will forever live on past each life,
To rule over darkness but never see the light.

Then there's the ruler of the day,
The all mighty Celestia, to which we pray.
The only one who has seen both the black and the white, but never the grey.

We can never understand their pain,
or do what would be right.
For every life they rule, will one day die in vain.

They've lived this long,
neither to die.
They put on a straight face in our presence to make us feel strong.

But we'll never understand the inevitable lie.
for when they return home to the castle,
They have nothing to do but cry.

Cry for the ones who faced their ends.
Weep for the ones who can't be saved.
Sob for the lives who claimed their mark as friends.

Life without death is a curse,  
Death without a life is a crime.
Immortality is a hex that just can't be worse.

- Jesse Knoblach
Cover photo by :icon90sigma: =90Sigma [link]

I made this poem so long ago, but when I first made it, I thought it really sucked. But now that I look at it now, I think "Whoa. . . that's deep." I've been meaning to upload it but never got around to it, so here you go.

Reading by ~kkbro123 : [link]
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Can i do a reading of your poem?
Clitical-Hit Jul 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
IandaM98 Apr 17, 2013  Student General Artist
Thank you for letting me use your poem for an English assignment. Here's what I did: [link]
hey! i liked this so I made a recording! credit to you is given in video and desc.

Clitical-Hit Mar 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ou o Ohhhhhhh~ :iconmegusta: Thanks
My personal theory: Immortality only sucks from a mortal's point of view. Gods were designed to be immortal, and while outliving all their loved ones obviously sucks their brains/minds/souls are designed to be able to live with it, as opposed to mortals who will go completely batty nuggets when just how long "forever" is

"I made this poem so long ago, but when I first made it, I thought it really sucked"
I had the first impression on my first read-through. On my second read-though it got a bit better. Short, quick, to the point
Death without life doesn't make any sense. You can't end something that hasn't started yet.
Clitical-Hit Dec 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Think about it this way; You live forever without death, it's a curse compared to those who lived a short life ended with death, which is a crime. You're thinking of the statement as a literal life that hasn't started. (The only comparison I can make it to is well. . . And I hate the timing, but Children ._. Life ended short)
So dying without having lived well yet, that makes sense
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